Terms & Conditions


Under Presidential Decree 339/1996, pursuant to Directive 90/314/EEC

Please read the following General Terms of Participation carefully before registering with any of our organised trips. Participation in any of our tourist office’s organised trips, requires careful perusal of the specific trip’s programme and indicates the traveller’s unconditional acceptance of the General Terms of Participation, in accordance with Presidential Decree 339/1996. The General Terms of Participation refer to general information, as well as the rights and obligations of both contracting parties on the organised trip. For specific information (destinations, prices, departure and return dates and times, means of transport, accommodation, visits, etc) relating to each organised trip, you will need to consult the running programme and the relevant price list.


Our Company, under corporate name “DRAKAKIS PANAGIOTIS” trading as “drakakis tours“, which is seated in Kythira and is the holder of Tour Operator Reg. No. 0207E61000315001, hereinafter referred to as “The Office” is a member of the Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies and is a tour operator, that operates alone or in cooperation with other tourist offices, or acts as an intermediary between other tourist offices and means of transport, with the ultimate purpose of selling organised trips to the traveller.


The information, data and recommendations contained in the General Terms and Conditions have been reviewed by our office for their validity and accuracy; they are general in nature and apply unchanged, unless otherwise mentioned in the programme of each trip.


Registrations are made at our offices, by mail, fax, telephone and through our website, on condition (for reservations in the specific trip): 

  1.  a deposit is made
  2. that these General Terms are unconditionally accepted and complied with.

For valid registration, the specific trip should be stated on the deposit receipt. Participation on the trip is ensured with the full payment at least 6 days prior to departure. Non-payment of the cost of the trip by the deadline entitles our office to cancel the reservation and possibly demand cancellation charges, in accordance with the cancellation terms provided for in article 10 herein. The contracting party, who represents his family or group, is obliged to inform all the represented parties about the trip’s terms and conditions. 

Our office shall not be responsible for the opening days and hours of markets, museums and archaeological sites.


Our office’s travel prices are calculated on the day the price list is issued, based on the service costs of each trip, the applicable fares, taxes, and any other cost factor. After exhausting every prediction, our office reserves the right to price adjustments, when the above cost factors change. In particular, travel prices can change up to 20 days before the date of the departure due to unforeseen fare, currency, or fuel increases, limited participation, etc.

If the price increase is in excess of 10% of the trip’s value, for the above reasons, the traveller is entitled to cancel their participation and request a refund of the amount paid. Moreover, the tourist office reserves the right to presell seats at favourable prices with special cancellation terms.

For any reservation to be valid, we must require payment prior to the start of the tour or holiday package.

For holiday packages, a deposit of 50€ or 25% of the total cost of the package (whichever is greater) must be paid at the time of booking. The total balance is due 21 days prior to departure. We reserve the right to cancel any booking that has not been paid in full within 7 days prior to departure.

For tours and transfers, 100% of the total cost must be paid at the time of booking.

We reserve the right to cancel any booking that has not been paid in full within 7 days prior to departure.

Greek Overnight Stay Tax

From 1 January 2018, all travelers staying in rented accommodation in Greece will have to pay an “Overnight Stay Tax”, which has been introduced by the Greek Ministry of Finance, in association with the Ministry of Tourism. The tax is charged per night, per room and the specific amount you will pay depends on the official rating of the accommodation, according to the Tourism Organization classification.

The amounts are set out below, and are to be paid directly to the hotel upon check-in:

Hotel Accommodation:
5 Star:€4.00
4 Star:€3.00
3 Star:€1.50
1-2 Stars:€0.50

Furnished Rooms/Apartments:
4 Keys:€1.00
3 Keys:€0.50
1-2 Keys:€0.25

Please be aware that any drakakis tours price lists, promotions, holiday packages and existing bookings that include accommodation do not include the Overnight Stay Tax in the price.


Our office is obliged to coordinate and conduct the trips that it offers its travellers in the best possible way. However, having exhausted every prediction and care, it shall not be responsible for any mistakes or omissions by third parties and their associates, and for emergencies such as cancellations, delays or rerouting of any means of transport (airplanes, ships, cars, trains, etc), either in the case of the exclusion ( “embargo” ) of areas due to terrorist acts, strikes and other causes of force majeure. We point out that our office is not able to predict emergency situations such as: strikes, accidents, diseases, epidemics, organic disruptions due to local conditions, altitude, climate, meals not included in the trip’s programme, or due to insufficient hygiene due to external factors, injuries or hardships due to war, coups, terrorist acts, hijackings, earthquakes, weather conditions, fires, epidemics, toxic contamination and any other emergency situation or force majeure. In these cases, our office shall not be liable for compensation for any damage caused by these conditions.

 During the trip, complaints must be reported immediately and on the spot to the tour leader, or to our office and in writing to the individual/company providing this service. For an organised trip to be conducted, the minimum of 18 (eighteen) participants is required (excluding children under 12 years).  If this number is not reached, our office reserves the right to cancel this trip; it is obligated to inform the clients that had signed up to it, and to refund the money they had paid, without any other obligation.


Given that other individuals usually participate in organised trips, it is necessary for travellers to fully comply with the trip’s programme and the instructions given by the tour leaders or guides and the prompt arrival at the meeting points for the various provisions of the programme (flights, transfers, tours, excursions, meals, etc). If the traveller’s delay or inconsistency results in the loss of the flight, tour, transfer or other service, the traveller will have to reconnect with the group at his/her own responsibility and expense, without right to a refund of the money for the service that was lost or for the entire trip, if he/she is unable to reconnect.

You should arrive at airports and ports at least two (2) hours before your departure.

If the traveller is unable to participate or decides to discontinue the trip and separate from the group, he/she shall not be entitled to any further service or compensation and the liability and transfer expenses outside the group shall be borne by him/her. He/she may assign his booking to another person who meets the conditions of participation in this trip as long as it is possible to change any issued tickets.


      All information, relating to the categorisation or classification of hotels and lodgings listed in the programmes of our organised or sold trips, comply with applicable laws of each country for the tourism classification of hotels and accommodation, which may vary from country to country. Most hotel rooms have two single beds or a twin-sized bed. Triple-occupancy rooms are, in fact, double-occupancy rooms with an extra bed. They are usually not very comfortable and the additional bed can be smaller than a single bed, or couch or foldable bed. Rooms are made available by the hotel around 14:00-15:00 and are at the guests’ disposal until 12:00 on the day of departure. On day trips by coach, seats are given in order of registration and do not change during the trip, while on multi-day trips seats may change on a daily basis.


     Our office has a professional indemnity insurance policy in place for each trip that it organises, which covers liabilities towards its clients, resulting from non-performance or improper performance of the organised trip.


Baggage is transported at the owners’ liability, regardless of whether there are accompanying representatives from our office, or not. In case of damage or loss, the relevant international treaties are applicable for each means of transport and hotels, and in this case, liability is limited to the provisions of these treaties.


Participation cancellations on the part of the traveller are only made in writing to our office and, regardless of the booking date (and if the booking cannot be assigned to another person under the terms referred to in Article 6 of the General terms for participation), shall be subject to the following cancellation fees per person, depending on the time of the cancellation and regardless of whether the amounts have already been paid by travellers, or not:

Holiday Packages

  • Within 48 hours of time of booking: full refund
  • Up to 21 days prior to departure € 50 per person for administrative costs.
  • 20 to 7 days prior to departure: 50% of the total cost of the trip.
  • 6 days prior to departure and up until departure (no-show): 80% of the total cost of the trip.

Tours & Transfers

  • Up to 24 hours prior to departure: full refund.
  • Within 24 hours to departure: 50% of the total cost of the ticket.

Whilst we always endeavour to avoid changes to any of our itineraries, we do reserve the right to do so at any time and without prior notice.  Clients will be notified of all amendments in writing and will be given as much notice as possible.  No compensation will be offered by our office for any changes made due to circumstances beyond its control, or for any changes deemed to be minor.  Minor changes include, but are not limited to, changing the order of the itinerary with no loss of content, replacing one part of the trip program with an alternative of equal or greater quality, or a change in accommodation to one of equal or greater quality.

Compensation will be offered by our office for changes considered by our office to be major, provided the reason for these changes have not been stated in Article 5.  Said compensation will be offered in writing at the time of the change.  Major changes include, but are not limited to, cancellation of part or all of the itinerary or a reduction in quality of accommodation.


Our office and the traveller undertake to resolve any dispute that may arise during the execution of the contract of the organised trip in good faith.

Should these efforts fail, the Parties undertake to contact the Amicable Dispute Resolution Commission of the Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies and request its mediation. If an amicable resolution is not achieved, jurisdiction lies in the Courts of Athens.


Drakakis tours respects the privacy of our customers and any personal information collected is exclusively for internal use. Your personal information is only given to third-parties when required to do so by law.

I have carefully read all the above participation terms (total of 13 articles), which I accept for myself and on behalf of all passengers stated in my reservation for whom I have authorisation to register in this trip