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Ferry Tickets 

Drakakis tours is the Central Agent of the ferry company Seajets for Kythira and Antikythira, which connects Kythira with the ferry boat “Aqua Jewel”.

In our company you will find tickets for your trip to or from Kythira for the routes:

Kythira – Piraeus, Kythira – Kissamos, Kythira – Gythion, Kythira – Antikythira & vice versa.

Please call or visit our office and one of our expert staff will advise you about all the available options to reach your destination. Alternatively, you can use our online booking engine in order to check the available schedules with instant availability.

√  Because we are a local travel agency, we operate since 1993 and our highest level of local Knowledge guarantees that you will always get up to date information about the available options to travel into or from Kythira to your destination.

√  Because we are the central Agent of Seajets ferries (f/b Aqua Jewel) for Kythira & Antikythira!

√  Because our travel agency is located in the most central area of Kythira, on the main road in the village Livadi, with a very easy access.

√  Because we provide a 7 days a week support and it is always easy to contact us for any suggestion, advise or amendment of your trip.

√  Because we also operate a ticketing office inside the port of Kythira, Diakofti and one of our helpful expertise will be there to assist you on every arrival/departure of the ferry.

√  Because we accept all methods of payment: credit cards, cash, bank transfer, payment at the bank.

You can collect your tickets through one of the following options:

•  From our head office, which is located in the village Livadi or from our ticketing office in the port of Diakofti (main port of Kythira), free of charge.

•  We can post them at your address by courier service, at your own expense, (please keep in mind the time needed for the delivery). Attention: If your tickets do not arrive within the mentioned time please contact us, as soon as possible.

•  Pick them up from the port of departure, via the central office of Seajets ferries using the reservation number we have provide you.

The following list includes the categories that you will find in our booking engine and the relevant shortcut codes: 

DECK Deck Class 
A2 2-Bed external cabin with shower/WC 
SD A’ class saloon 
BGT Baggage trailer 
CAR1 Car less than 4,25m length 
CAR2 Car more than 4,25m length 
MOTO1 Motorbike less than 250cc 
MOTO2 Motorbike more than 250cc 
MOTO3 (QUAD) Quads 
PICKUP-TRUAG Pickup vehicles 
TRAILERS/CAMPERS VAR Campers / trailers