Chytra islet, Glass Bottom boat experience & amazing Sunset in Kythira

Duration : ~ 6 hours

Alternatively, if you are only interested for the Chytra cruise, you can call Captain Spyros at: +306974022079


Our tour begins at 15.00’ from the meeting point, close to your accommodation. We will board the coach and head to Kapsali harbor where we will meet the friendly owner of the Glass Bottom Boat, Captain Spyros. We will embark the boat at 16.00 and our sail to Chytra island starts!

Chytra islet

Chytra islet is placed 3 miles away from the bay of Kapsali. It is a very rough and rocky islet. Its very steep terrain is inaccessible to the average visitor and for this particular reason hundreds of wild seabirds nest there throughout the year. The place, however, is famous for the large numbers of the wild yellow flower, known as ’’Sempreviva’’ (everlasting flower) that exclusively grows there and it is collected every Spring by very few brave young locals who accept the challenge to climb up the unique and hostile rock formations in order to reach the top of the islet to collect the semidry flowers.

Chytra is also famous for its magnificent cave which offers the visitor the warm embrace of emerald waters and plenty of light tingles of the bright greek sun. When the sun sinks into the sea at dusk, paints the rocks of the cave as well as the blue crystal clear sea waters with a thousand of colours. Weather permitted the boat will sail to the south side of the island in order to anchor inside the huge cave, so we can swim and snorkel admiring the thousands of colors of the seabed of the cave and discovering the wealth of the underwater natural life. (equipment is provided by the captain). If anybody prefers not to swim or dive, can remain on the boat admiring the wild rocks and the whole unprecedented scenery.

Kiriakoulou or at Sparagareio beach

After 30min we embark the boat and we continue the trip around Chytra, while Captain Spyros will be very informative about the protected species of falcons (Varvakas) which built their nests on the steepest rocks of the island and about the island’s flower “Sempreviva” which blossoms there. Sailing back to Kapsali, feeling the cool sea-breeze on our face, and if we are lucky watching a couple of dolphins play in the blue waters, we will stop again for a quick swim either at the bay of Kiriakoulou or at Sparagareio beach before we berth back in the dock having gained exceptional experiencies.

Monastery of Our Lady Myrtidiotissa

There we will have another 30min of free time (for toilet and refreshment or coffee) before we depart for the spectacular Kytherian sunset at 18:30pm where we will board the coach to visit first the Monastery of Our Lady Myrtidiotissa. The monastery is located to the west of Kythira, at the end of a wonderful journey that has a rich alternation between wild cliffs and green vegetation. Our tour will take us to the grand Monastery with its imposing belfry built of local sandstone, which stands 25 metres high. Inside the monastery, you will see the 10 marble columns that support the roof of the church, which were found intact 200m away from the church during the period that it was being built, the “Tourkalas” (Turkish woman’s) wax candles, whose child was saved by the Virgin Mary, and most importantly the miraculous gold icon of Panagia Myrtidiotissa (the Virgin Mary of the Myrtles ). We will also have a chance to visit the small collection of Icons (Free admission) at the Monastery before returning to the coach.

Church of “Aghios Nikolaos o Krassas”

Our last stop is the church of “Aghios Nikolaos o Krassas” (Saint Nicolas of the Wine Saver) which is very special. The church dates back to 1619 and has been built on the steep cliffs along the west coast in order to thank the Saint who protected skipper Kasimatis and his load of barrels of wine from been shipwrecked. It is a small church on the southwestern part of the island of Kythira, very close to monastery of Myrtidiotissa. Visiting the area in the afternoon offers you the opportunity to enjoy an amazing sunset.


After approx. 30 min we will depart to return to the accommodation.

Transportation on our own air-conditioned coach.
Our local knowledgeable and multilingual tour guide.
Tour leaflets.
Tour as per the itinerary.
Entry fees
V.A.T 24% & All local Taxes

Anything referred as “optional” or “suggested”
Anything that is not specifically mentioned under “included”

• Hat
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Beach towel
• Swimsuit

Our tours are on a private basis only. Please contact us for availability and prices.

Other Pick Up Points {supplement}: AVLEMONAS & AG.PELAGIA – 15€ P.P
Seasonality: 15TH JUNE – 15TH SEP
Cancelation fees: Free until 24hrs prior / 100% when less than 24hrs
Guiding Language: Greek & English

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