Amazing Sunset & Chytra Islet Cruise

Private cruise on a luxury boat

Duration : ~ 2 hours

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Our boat

The Sea-DNA999G5 is a newly built inflatable boat 10.60m long, which took a long time, a lot of passion and money until it was completed in 2020 and sailed to Kapsali to add a different, a more exclusive service to the maritime tourism of Kythira.

The captain, is a local with experience in the seas of Kythira, recognizes every known and every occult beauty of the coastline of Kythira and is always excited to transport and inform our customers in the best way, while taking care of all safety and ensuring comfortable sailing as a connoisseur of local weather conditions.

The trip

“A sunset cruise in Kythira is not just a journey; it’s an experience that touches your soul. It’s a moment of pure serenity, where time seems to stand still, and the beauty of nature takes center stage. Whether you’re seeking a romantic evening with your loved one or a peaceful escape from the world, this sunset cruise promises to create memories that will last a lifetime…

The journey “Unique Sunset” starts from the port of “Kapsali” and follows a path to the west of the island to travel in the direction of the Sunset. During the trip the boat stops at beaches and coves where you will have the opportunity to experience refreshing dives. You can take pictures, swim in the crystal-clear waters and experience magnificent landscapes of the coastline of Kythira, such as the imposing islet of Chytra.

Chytra islet

Chytra islet is placed 3 miles away from the bay of Kapsali. It is a very rough and rocky islet. Its very steep terrain is inaccessible to the average visitor and for this particular reason hundreds of wild seabirds nest there throughout the year. The place, however, is famous for the large numbers of the wild yellow flower, known as ’’Sempreviva’’ (everlasting flower) that exclusively grows there and it is collected every Spring by very few brave young locals who accept the challenge to climb up the unique and hostile rock formations in order to reach the top of the islet to collect the semidry flowers.

Chytra is also famous for its magnificent cave which offers the visitor the warm embrace of emerald waters and plenty of light tingles of the bright greek sun. When the sun sinks into the sea at dusk, paints the rocks of the cave as well as the blue crystal clear sea waters with a thousand of colours. Weather permitted the boat will sail to the south side of the island in order to anchor inside the huge cave, so we can swim and snorkel admiring the thousands of colors of the seabed of the cave and discovering the wealth of the underwater natural life. (equipment is provided by the captain). If anybody prefers not to swim or dive, can remain on the boat admiring the wild rocks and the whole unprecedented scenery.”

Examples include some of the cruising points below:

Chytra, Feloti, Scydia, Melidoni, cave of Anaphysos, Vani Bay, Agios Nikolas Krasas.

•  Boat rental
•  Experienced captain with excellent local knowledge
•  Fuels
•  V.A.T
•  Snack with local products

Anything not mentioned in included or referred to as optional or proposed

• Hat
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Beach towel
• Swimsuit

Take a view

1 – 6 280€
7 – 10 350€

Information and Reservations:
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